SPITZ is a software that was developed in order to provide a complete solution for businesses who are looking to manage their loans, weather you are a lender or a loaner.

SPITZ is available in Hebrew and English. The software was written in the most advanced programming language in the industry.

The equations which calculate the interest rate is based on SPITZer system.

There is another possibility that allows you to get a loan in a default screen that firstly finish with the fund, after the fund is closed. You can see the proper interest rate.

Unlike SPITZer where the fund and the interest rate are divided from the first day of the loan.

Clients Module

Option to open new loans

Determine interest rates

Mark Payments


Automatic platform to export bills

SPITZ Extensions

The option to manage leads aka potential clients who are looking to get a loan.

The option to collect checks.

SPITZer loans it is a loan which is based on clearing board (closed clearing board)

Which is the most popular form of use.

Return based on monthly payment which stays permanent though out the whole time of the loan, which can be updated with current interest rates in the market.

As opposed to a regular clearing board. SPITZer clearing board works in a way that the amount of money goes back to the fund and in the same time the payment for the interest rate goes down. That way the payment for the loan is permanent and stays the same from the first day.

Regular Loan – this form of loan will make sure that all the money that was landed gets back to the fund. After the loan has been returned to the fund it will start charging for interest. So you know that you will make your profit from the lander.

The ability to work from multiple computer stations

The application is very friendly with easy to use interface, every user can operate the application without prior knowledge.

If you would to like to get more details you can register on the info page (in case you encounter some problems you can right click and save as…)

Because the application is updating all the time you might want to get a presentation on your pc with the most updated software version.

SPITZ Product Description